Inspector Morse
Volume 13
Cherubim And Seraphim/Deadly Slumber

Starring: John Thaw & Kevin Whately
Carlton Visual Entertainment
RRP: 14.99
Certificate: PG
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Tragedy strikes Morse with the suicide of his step-niece. Morse takes compassionate leave but soon begins searching for reasons to explain the death of his niece. When he makes the connection with drugs he is horrified and has to face his own miserable childhood...

Cherubim and Seraphim has an unusual opening sequence, making a change from the usual Oxford college spires intro. Morse feels his age in this episode realising how out of touch he is with today's youth.

Whilst Morse is on leave, Lewis has to put up with Chief Inspector Holroyd on his back, who doesn't care for Morse's detecting skills and soon tries to steer Lewis on the right course. As would be expected Lewis favourers Morse's ways and doesn't really pay much attention to Holroyd.

The pathologist tries his best to encourage Morse to try some mood altering drugs so that he can best see their effect - as you guessed Morse declines this invitation. Eastenders fans will be pleased to see a young 'tricky dicky' .

Not a bad episode touching on the sensitive issue of today's teenage drug culture, a scary thought that drugs can 'make you think you have seen all there is to see of the world by the age of 16'.


Mathew Brewster, owner of a private clinic, is found dead in his car. It first appears as suicide but Morse soon learns that it is murder. The obvious suspect is Michael Steppings whose daughter Avril was permanently brain damaged during a routine operation that went tragically wrong at the Brewster's clinic...

In Deadly Slumber Morse surprisingly finds himself liking Steppings but will this cloud his judgement? A thought provoking episode with a delicate subject matter.

Brian Cox gives a flawless performance as Michael Steppings. Morse shows his sensitive side again when he buys Avril flowers and takes them to her bedside at the hospital.

An excellent episode with a surprise ending.

Heather Simpson

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