Hammer House of Horror
Classic Horror Collection

Starring: Joan Collins, Ralph Bates, Eric Porter, Jane Merrow & Peter Cushing
Carlton Home Entertainment
RRP: £19.99

Certificate: 18
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A young girl is discovered at the scene of a grisly murder and taken in by a kindly Freudian psychiatrist. As he uncovers her past, he learns that she is the child of the infamous Jack the Ripper and her murderous urges are triggered by memories of her evil father...

Hands of the Ripper puts an interesting slant on the Jack the Ripper story. It stars Angharad Rees (Under Milk Wood) as the daughter of Jack the Ripper and Eric Porter (The Forsyte Saga) as Dr. Pritchard. This is a great deal of tension and suspense and all in all this movie has aged extremely well.


A couple's new born baby boy seems to have an inbuilt hatred of people, especially his parents. He also possesses superhuman strength which he uses to murder those who get too close...

The Monster stars Joan Collins and Ralph Bates as the parents of a little monster. In a previous life Joan Collins' character was a stripper, working with a midget and it is this little man who has cursed Collins' baby.

There are plenty of jumpy scenes (where the baby suddenly changes for a second into the midget in a baby grow - very Don't Look Now.) There is also a very brief appearance by Floella Benjamin (who 30-somethings will remember for her later work on Playschool).

A strong cast and gripping plot keep you on the edge of your seat.


Wilbur Gray is eccentric author who pleads with his publisher to print his book which tell of three unbelievable horror stories where cats have attacked humans who have wronged them...

The Uncanny is really three mini-stories tied together by Peter Cushing as the tortured author. All three are fairly run of the mill, with the final segment probably being the strongest.

There is a great quote where one of the actresses is in bed with Donald Pleasence and says: "Oh, VD, I love you!

This boxset represents outstanding value for money. While there are no extras each film has an above average print quality and any fan of the horror genre would be crazy to let this boxset pass them by.

Pete Boomer.

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