The Simpsons
Treehouse of Horror

Starring: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith & Pierce Brosnan
20th Century Fox

RRP: £15.99

Certificate: PG
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The latest Simpsons compilation DVD, Treehouse Of Horror, comprises four of the popular Halloween specials (V, VI, VII and XII). Included in this collection are short stories with a twist based on, amongst others, The Shinning, Nightmare on Elm Street and Harry Potter...

Treehouse of Horror is arguably the best Simpsons collection released by Fox to date. And is perfect for the casual fan who is not intending to collect the season box sets as they are released.

If you are familiar with the Treehouse of Horror episodes then you will get exactly what you are expecting - several popular sci-fi based movies or urban myths turned into 5-minute stories featuring you favourite Simpsons characters.

Pierce Brosnan guest stars as a malevolent futuristic house surveillance computer who falls in love with his human owner, Marge Simpson. And there is a funny take on the Harry Potter movies.

The only extra on this disc is a Kang and Kodos featurette which features clips of the two aliens which has been compiled from various episodes. Not a particularly impressive addition.

Pete Boomer

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