Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

Starring: Steve Oedekerk
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Certificate: 15
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Once every generation there is a Chosen One whose task it is to fight evil. This Chosen One returns after a lifetime of training with another mission: to avenge the death of his parents by fighting the evil kung fu legend, Master Pain, also known as Betty. On the road to conquering evil and working out his true destiny, our hero displays his unearthly powers and encounters some truly bizarre characters, including a cow trained in martial arts and the karate queen Whoa...

Let's get this straight from the start - don't expect too much from this. Kung POW Writer/director/actor Steve Oedekerk has used digital effects to make himself a co-star of the 1976 Hong Kong action movie Tiger and Crane Fist, in a similar way to Woody Allen, who turned a Japanese spy thriller into the comedy spoof What's Up, Tiger Lily?

Kung POW: Enter the Fist is technically quite impressive but quality digital tricks don't guarantee a good movie. The plot, if you can spot it, is very thin although the kung fu cow is inspired.

Also watch out for the gopher-chucks and the French aliens. Stupid? Yup, 100%. Entertaining? Only just... Anyone under the age of 15 will find this hilarious - a shame then that this has received a 15 certificate.

Anthony Clark

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