Egypt Eternal
The Quest for Lost Tombs
Region 1 DVD

Warner Bros/National Geographic
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Certificate: U
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Witness one dazzling find after another as National Geographic uncovers some of the most exciting, headline-making discoveries of recent times. With exclusive access to sites linking Egypt's ancient aristocracy to Tutankhamun and Ramses II, this DVD unearths treasures from the cliffside of tombs overlooking the Nile Valley to the sprawling Valley of the Golden Mummies...

The Quest for Lost Tombs is a fine rough and ready guide to the world of Egyptology and nothing more. Aimed at the uninitiated this DVD tries to inform today's masses with its interesting and gripping style.

The production calls upon a number of experts in the field but never really gives them enough airtime to make their research interesting. Trying to cover this much ground in such a short space of time left me wanting more.

Anyone who is looking to further their education on the subject may prefer to look elsewhere as this documentary only scrapes away at the surface. As an introduction to the subject, this documentary is fine, but it is only ever going to appeal to those who have a passing curiosity.

There is also an Ancient Egypt quiz which comprises of five very tough multiple choice questions and some trailers for other National Geographic DVDs and that's your lot for extras.

An interesting DVD which tries hard to be something it can't.

Pete Boomer

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