Egypt's Golden Empire
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Forged by conquest and ruled by intimidation and diplomacy, Egypt's New Kingdom was built by men and women of astonishing ambition. For nearly 500 years (1560 - 1080 B.C), the pharaohs of Egypt struggled to shape the science, culture and politics of the ancient world. In the process they would create the first great empire in history. Through remarkably well preserved letters and personal accounts, historians have brought to life the passion and human drama of an age that would inspire countless generations to come...

Egypt's Golden Empire is a fascinating look at almost 500 years worth of Egyptian history, cataloguing the rise and fall of the Egyptian's golden years.

Split into three separate programmes - The Warrior Pharaohs, Pharaohs of the Sun and The Last Great Pharaoh - this DVD examines the battles which helped build the empire, the accumulation of wealth and the building of the pyramids and the final events that helped bring the nation to its knees.

It examines all the famous rulers, but my personal favourite is the reign of Akhenaten and his beautiful wife Nefertiti - who mysteriously disappeared for reasons scholars still don't fully understand.

This has all the hallmarks of a well researched and produced documentary and will keep anyone who has an interest in this subject well entertained.

The composer should be scolded for ripping off numerous music by more accomplished composers - including John Barry's composition for Dances With Wolves which is plagiarised and used a little too often.

This is an excellent collection of documentaries calling on some of the greatest scholars in the field who try to piece together Egypt's golden empire.

Nick Smithson

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