The Care Bears Movie

Starring: Mickey Rooney & Georgia Engel
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The world is in trouble and it's up to the Care Bears to save it. Way up high where the clouds and rainbows live, the Care Bears watch over the Earth and make sure everyone is kind and friendly to one another. So when they see an evil spirit trick a lonely boy into helping make people mean the huggable heroes jump into action! They come to the rescue with the animals from the Forest of Feelings. But it's going to take an awful lot of love to defeat the spirit's powerful spirit...

The Care Bears Movie is a strange choice of film to be released on DVD. Cynics at the time of the craze pointed out that the Care Bears were just a really good way of getting young children to beg their parents to spend stupid amounts of money on collecting plastic bears that were almost identical apart from their colour and picture on their stomachs. And this movie was seen as just another excuse to rake in more money.

The plot is rather poor, the animation is below par and the songs (and singing) are terrible. But, then I am not an eight year old girl. And I have it on good authority that the Care Bears were cool and that the movie was enjoyable to little girls when it was first released.

Set both on Earth and in Carealot the idea behind this movie is straight forward enough (of course there's a moral here) everyone should care about each other and not be mean. The movie also introduces the Care Bear Cousins - which later had their very own toy line.

Kids will no doubt enjoy it, but the grownups are best advised to go and do something less boring instead. Although you might be interested to know (but I doubt it) that both Mickey Rooney and Harry Dean Stanton lend their vocal talents to the picture.

Watchable for kids, but I didn't Carealot for it.

Nick Smithson

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