The Simpsons
Risky Business

Starring: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright & Yeardley Smith
20th Century Fox
RRP: 15.99
Certificate: PG
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Are doughnuts your favourite food? Are you lazy, avoiding any effort at all costs? Is the sofa your favourite place? Do you enjoy spending quality time with your TV? Is beer always your first choice of drink? If you answered "yes" to all of these questions then congratulations you qualify as a true
Simpsons fan and should now buy the latest DVD...

The Simpsons themed DVD releases continues with the Risky Business job-related DVD. The episodes on this disc are:

The season nine Reality Bites, which sees Marge getting a real estate licence and, working under Lionel Hutz, attempting to sell homes. When he says she must succeed in the first week or be fired, Marge sells a house to the Flanders family, but neglects to tell them several former owners were murdered inside!

Next up is Homer The Smithers from season seven. In this episode Smithers decides to take a vacation (at an exclusive all-male resort) and names Homer as his replacement. Homer hates the job, and ultimately punches Mr Burns in the face.

Season five's Deep Space Homer sees NASA's attempts to put an ordinary man in space to boost ratings. Homer is chosen and while in orbit with Buzz Aldrin, Homer accidentally unleashes a swarm of ants in the capsule.

Marge Gets A Job from season four opens with problems in the Simpson household. It seems that the house has started to tilt at an extreme angle, and Homer's attempts to fix it himself are futile. To raise extra money, Marge gets a job at the nuclear plant - where Mr Burns develops a crush on her. He even kidnaps Tom Jones in a futile attempt to woo her.

Another collection of Simpsons episodes which are ideal for fans who would rather own a few episodes than the box sets which are slowly being released. Reality Bites was the only episode I hadn't previously seen from the terrestrial TV screenings, but that didn't make this collection any less entertaining.

In addition there is an amusing look at Chief Wiggum's finest moments - which is a short collection of some of his greatest scenes.

If you can't wait for the season box sets to be released then this is a great collection with some of the finest episodes of The Simpsons. And even if you are buying the boxsets it's going to be a long time before you'll get to see some of these episodes - I'd think about buying this anyway.

Pete Boomer

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