Joe Somebody

Starring: Tim Allen, Kelly Lynch, Julie Bowen & James Belushi
20th Century Fox
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Certificate: PG
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Joe Scheffer is a mild-mannered single dad who feels overworked and under-appreciated at the office. When one day the company bully knocks him to the ground in front of his daughter, Joe vows to stop being a nobody and wreak his revenge...

Joe Somebody is a heart-warming romantic comedy that looks at what happens when an ordinary man realises that his priorities in life are all wrong. The guy has already been knocked about by his ex-wife, his boss at work and when the office bully tries to make him look bad in front of his daughter everything gets too much for him.

There are some great scenes that will have children in stitches and have adults smiling (including the great drug advertisement played near the opening of the movie), but it is the dysfunctional parent aspect that will have parents sitting up and questioning themselves. Throughout the whole of this movie Tim Allen's character has to be about the worst parent in the World. His daughter comes right at the back of the line before his new friends, girlfriends and ambitions.

James Belushi is perfect in the role as martial arts teacher and mentor to the wimpy Scheffer - which is staggering as he doesn't actually do that much but fight and be sarcastic.

The conclusion of the movie is satisfactory, being a little on the sentimental 'they all lived happy ever after' side but then what are you expecting from a PG movie? Allen gunning the office bully down and then bathing in his blood? I think not.

There are enough extras here to keep the little ones happy including a feature length audio commentary by director John Pasquin and producer Brian Reilly; a featurette on the fight choreography; four deleted scenes and a hidden Easter egg.

Good wholesome family entertainment which may make you question your place in the World.

Nick Smithson

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