Carry On up the Khyber - Special Edition

Starring: Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey & Roy Castle
Carlton Visual Entertainment
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: PG
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British India, 1895. The Burpas are revolting but then again 'The Devils in Skirts' who guard the Khyber Pass are none too charming either. Can Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond prevent the scheming Khasi of Kalabar from starting a full-scale rebellion, massacring thousands of innocent people, ending British rule and making his cushy job obsolete? Can he prevent the horrible secret about what's under the kilts of the 3rd Foot and Mouth regiment from becoming common knowledge among the natives?...

Carry On up the Khyber captures the very essence of what made the series such a hit. Its blend of puns and pointless plotting, stella performances and 'nudge nudge' humour is so well balanced that the film could act as a master class in film making. Sid James is at his guffawing best and Kenneth Williams' nasal-flaring performance as the Khasi is amongst his finest performances. Everything's in place and the result is absolutely sublime.

This DVD also includes a dull commentary, some equally uninteresting production stills and an episode of the dreadful Carry On TV series but none of these can detract from the class of the main feature.

Fakir off!

Anthony Clark

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