Stargate SG-1
Volume 29

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge & Corin Nemec
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Certificate: PG
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SG-1 returns from an off-world mission with an ancient artefact that triggers the ability to see hideous yet harmless life forms in a parallel reality. As the effect spreads to civilians off base, O'Neill and SG-1 must find a solution before mass hysteria breaks out...

Sight Unseen is an average episode which would have been much better if much more humour had been injected into it - and there was ample opportunity to do so. These creatures look like large rubber maggots so some of the scenes are a little laughable anyway. Also, why doesn't Jonas simply touch the creature to prove to himself that what he is seeing is not real. There is also a huge nitpick with this episode which shouldn't spoil the ending too much for you. Now, you know that at the end everything will be back to normal and it is. However if the cure is simply administered by touching those infected, what is to stop them getting reinfected at a later date by those not yet cured?

Senator Kinsey suffers an assassination attempt while campaigning for the office of the president, and O'Neill is caught on tape leaving the building where the shots were fired. With O'Neill behind bars, Carter, Teal'c and Jonas must prove his innocence before it's too late...

Smoke And Mirrors is an impressive episode but as I noticed (and was later reminded by the audio commentary) the viewer knows in the first five minutes that Kinsey isn't really dead thanks to the fact that his credit is plastered all of the screen. It is also another, very rare, no gate episode. And there is a fantastic interrogation scene led by Teal'c. The ending also leaves things open for a whole heap of future problems for the SGC.

Colonel Maybourne visits O'Neill and claims to have a key to a cache of alien technology - but he demands a presidential pardon for his crimes in exchange for the knowledge. When SG-1 accompanies Maybourne to retrieve the cache, they find that his intentions may not be all they seem...

Paradise Lost is a Maybourne and O'Neill story, but it also illustrates the frustration felt by the rest of the SGC when they think they've lost another team member so soon after loosing Daniel. There is a very touching scene between Teal'c and Carter and plenty of great scenes between O'Neill and Maybourne.

SG-1 discovers that Nirrti, in an attempt to create the perfect human host, is mutating the inhabitants of an unexplored planet with a machine that rearranges their DNA. Captured in an attempt to stop her, O'Neill must find a way to escape before he and SG-1 are subjected to the same fate...

Metamorphosis sees the return of Nirrti and I am still trying to work out whether she is attractive or not? There is a little too much of a "bloke in a dress" look about her. There are some great visual effects, with victims of Nirrti disintegrating into pools of water. This is an enjoyable episode and the commentary gives away the fact that this sets in motion something that will be expanded on in a future episode.

The usual collection of extras are present and correct. The only audio commentaries worth listening too are the two where Peter DeLuise is the host: Smoke and Mirrors and Metamorphosis. Smoke and Mirrors also has the added benefit of having Gary Jones, who plays the technician, onboard to add an extra touch of humour.

Darren Rea

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