The Brady Bunch Movie

Starring: Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Michael McKean, Florence Henderson, Barry Williams, Ann B. Davis, Christopher Knight and Christopher Daniel Barnes
Paramount Home Entertainment
RRP: 14.99
Certificate: 12
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Break out the double knits and roll out the Astroturf, because the Bunch is back in a groovy, good-time comedy. It's the '90s and even Bradys get the blues. Mike and Carol have just one week to come up with $20 000 in back taxes, or they'll lose their house to a scheming neighbour. To make matters worse, Marcia gets a swollen nose on a date night, Cindy's addicted to tattling, and Jan's hearing a psychotic inner voice...

The Brady Bunch Movie sounds, in theory, like a total nightmare. Take one terribly dated 60s TV comedy and transfer it to modern day America and you can see box office bomb all over it. However, thankfully the movie is entertaining and certainly worth renting, if not buying.

I loved the way the writers transferred the 60/70 values and fashions of the original show and transported the family, in their own little out of date bubble, into the 90s.

The first 15 minutes or so sees the new cast aping the original show. This could have killed the movie instantly, but there are enough terrible lines of dialogue to make anyone who remember the original series sit up and smile. I kept expecting canned laughter to materialise out of thin air - thankfully it didn't

It is Gary Cole (He was the DJ in Midnight Caller in case you are scratching your head trying to recall where you've seen him before) and Shelley Long as Mr and Mrs Brady, Christine Taylor as Marsha and Jennifer Elise Cox as Jan, who steal the show with their dead-on impersonations of the original Brady mannerisms and ridiculous line deliveries.

There is a plot, just, with a money grabbing neighbour attempting to move the Brady's out of their house in order to sell off the land for development. But the plot is really unimportant, it is the Brady's who make this movie enjoyable.

A surprisingly entertaining movie. Sadly there is not a single extra included on the DVD.

Pete Boomer

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