Carry On England - Special Edition

Starring: Kenneth Connor, Windsor Davies, Patrick Mower, Judy Geeson, Jack Douglas, Diane Langton, Melvyn Hayes and Joan Sims
Carlton Visual Entertainment
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: PG
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Major S Melly takes over as the commanding officer at an experimental mixed sex air defence base. It's 1940 and England is under heavy bombardment but the crew seems more interested in each other than shooting down enemy planes...

This 1976 Carry On outing is almost as bad as the series got. There is so little plot and so few laughs that it hardly qualifies as a comedy film at all unless you find people dropping their trousers funny.

Kenneth Connor as Melly is dreadful, Joan Sims as private Ffoukes Sharpe is less entertaining than her character's name suggests and the inclusion of the dreadful Patrick Mower only helps drag proceedings down even further.

Carry on England is an unsightly blot on the Carry On copybook. The series' original use of pun and harmless seaside postcard smut is replaced by gratuitous sexism and crass innuendo which makes for a very nasty film indeed. And worse still, it's simply not funny.

Extras include audio commentary with Patrick Mower; Photo gallery with captions; Theatrical trailer; Carry On Laughing: Lamp Posts Of The Empire; and film trivia notes.

Anthony Clark

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