Secret Agent (1936)

Starring: Madeleine Carroll, Peter Lorre, John Gielgud and Robert Young
Carlton Visual Entertainment
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Certificate: U
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During the First World War, novelist Edgar Brodie is sent to Switzerland by British Intelligence to kill a German agent. During his journey into danger he meets a mysterious fake general and then the alluring Elsa Carrington who helps him carry out his mission...

Based on a novel by Somerset Maugham the Secret Agent is typical Alfred Hitchcock material. Plot, counter-plot, red herrings and a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, John Gielgud makes for an unconvincing lead and although the film is well remembered from the director's British period it pales when compared to Hitchcock's Hollywood output.

Once again the transfer of the film to DVD is criminal. Dust and scratches abound and the soundtrack is little better. A classic then, but a damaged one, but still worth adding to your collection of Hitchcocks if only because you can't have too much Hitch.

Anthony Clark

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