Crime Scene Investigation
Season 2 - Part 1

Starring: William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads and Jorja Fox
Momentum Pictures
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Certificate: 18
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C.S.I. is an acclaimed, edgy, fast-paced drama series about a passionate team of forensic investigators who work the graveyard shift at the Las Vegas Criminalistics Bureau. Their job - to find the missing pieces at the scene that will help to solve the crime and vindicate those who often cannot speak for themselves - the victims. Between the hidden clues and the buried motives lies the trail to the truth because people lie... but the evidence never does...

This box set contains the first 12 episodes from Season 2 of the series. There isn't a single bad episode in this collection, all have their personal merits, but some of the better episodes are:

The Slaves of Las Vegas sees the naked corpse of a young woman is discovered in a playground sandbox but the scars on her body lead the CSI team on a journey to the dark side - the underground world of sadomasochism.

And Then There Were None in which armed robbers, disguised as women, knock over the high stakes table at a casino, leaving one of their own dead at the scene. As more facts of the case are revealed each new suspect turns up dead.

Scuba Doobie Doo sees CSI scouring a blood-splattered apartment when the former tenant's story about his missing girlfriend doesn't add up; meanwhile Nick and Catherine are confronted with a scuba diver who is found dead in the top of a tree - a murder or an urban legend-turned-fact? This episode has some great humorous moments which plays on the old urban myth of alligators in New York sewers.

This series never patronises it's audience, but explains in layman's terms how forensic examiners are able to piece together the last moments of a victims life.

There are plenty of extra little touches that give this series a boost including nice intercut scenes of internal body parts being pierced to show what may have happened at the time of death. There are also some great flashback sequences which show the audience the possible details of the events that lead to a victims death and as new clues are unearthed these scenes are reworked until we see what really happened. Also, one episode ends with a CSI investigator, who was unable to prove an innocent man did not commit a crime, with his blood on his hands, which is a nice touch.

Extras include The Who's music video of Who Are You, the theme from the series; A walk through of the set; audio commentaries on three of the episodes; and a general round up documentary that looks at the make-up effects, music, and the special visual effects.

A fantastic collection of a great series.

Pete Boomer

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