The Living Planet

Starring: David Attenborough
BBC Worldwide
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Filmed on five continents The Living Planet examines, one by one, each of the earth's environments, seeing how living organisms survive and thrive in conditions ranging from the Arctic to the tropical.

Also revealed is how creatures in similar habitats thousands of miles apart, have adopted intriguingly similar solutions to their common problems. The series begins at the beginning... how huge forces formed the earth, how continents move and how the planet has become so varied.

The next 10 episodes concentrate on different environments: the frozen Poles, the northern forests, jungles, grasslands, deserts, skies, rivers and lakes, tidal shores, islands and oceans.

Finally The Living Planet looks at how human beings have changed the earth's habitats, destroying but also creating new ones and also looks at what the future may hold for the whole community on our amazing planet.

As you'd expect, with David Attenborough at the helm, this is not only informative, but incredibly entertaining. Sit any youngster down to watch this and in no time at all they'll be speaking knowledgeably about volcanos, the problems of living in arid deserts, or the icy North Pole. Heck, I've even started coming out with bits of information when I'm down the pub.

It looks a little dated (or should I say Mr Attenborough's dress sense does - thank God polar bears didn't dress differently in the 80s) but your not watching this to laugh at Mr Attenborough's taste in safari suits - then again, you might be.

Extras include a 40 minute making of documentary which takes us behind the scenes.

Another value for money release from BBC Worldwide. This is one collection that no home should be without.

Pete Boomer

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