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After rescuing Mayor Quimby from rioting geeks at a Sci-Fi Convention, Homer becomes the official mayoral bodyguard, only to discover he's got to battle Fat Tony's wacky gangsters...

Mayored To The Mob features a very funny appearance by Mark Hamill. There are loads of sci-fi jokes and references to TV shows and movies in the first ten minutes. A classic episode that sees Homer in training to be a bodyguard - but ends up looking more like Agent Smith from the Matrix. There is also a stomach churning scene as Homer discovers where Springfield's school milk really comes from.


A potentially fatal illness strikes Santa's Little Helper, testing the Simpsons family's loyalty and bank balance...

Dog Of Death starts with Homer convinced he is going to win the Lottery - because he has bought 50 tickets. Of course he doesn't win, and his financial situation is about to get worse as the family dog requires serious surgery to ensure it doesn't go to Doggy Heaven. Obviously the dog can't die, so each of the Simpsons have to give something up in order to pay for the surgery - but how can Homer live without beer?

An above average episode.


When Bart nearly destroys Springfield and is sent to Rommelwood Military Academy for discipline, Lisa decides she wants to become its first female cadet...

The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson sees Lisa fighting to be accepted by her new classmates. But, as in Springfield, she is not very popular and Bart continues to receive all the attention. Even at the conclusion, when she proves that she is just as able as the boys when it comes to physical exercise, she is still patronised. A hit and miss episode.

Bart wants a new video game called 'Bonestorm' more than anything in the world. When Marge won't buy it for him and Milhouse won't let him play with his copy, Bart steals one from the Try-N-Save department store...

Marge Be Not Proud has a moral story to tell! Kids don't shop lift... or probably it's if you are going to shop lift don't get caught... or if you do get caught then don't worry as everything will be back to normal next week. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments to keep everyone happy. A great episode.

Extras include a short documentary in the making of Bart Wars - which is just full of brief clips. Unless you are a total nerd, you can live without seeing this extra.

Nick Smithson

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