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After a parasailing attempt that goes amok, Homer meets Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. He becomes their personal assistant before turning on them and their friend Ron Howard...

When You Dish Upon A Star is probably the best episode in this collection. Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin and Ron Howard all poke fun at themselves, and the Hollywood star system. Classic moments include the three guest stars chasing Homer in a high speed car chase that involves them having to jump onto Homer's vehicle. It couldn't possibly be that dangerous they do it in the movies all the time. A great story.

By impersonating a pilot and wrecking a plane, Homer wins the entire family free air travel, driving Marge into the clutches of a mysterious childhood phobia....

Fear Of Flying starts off on the right note with Homer having to look for another bar after being bared from Moe's after a practical joke oversteps the boundaries of good taste. But it never really takes off (no pun intended) as well as it should do - although, the conclusion is satisfying enough.

Krusty's sway over television kiddie-dom looks unbreakable... but then comes Gabbo! A waywardly instructive celebrity-studded saga of pride destroyed, friendship deployed and redemption enjoyed, in which Bart finally proves that two wrongs do, in fact, make a right...

Krusty Gets Kancelled is a pretty interesting episode which sees Bart and Krusty attempting to get Gabbo's show cancelled in order to get Krusty back in the limelight. While this episode is a little slow in places (mainly the comeback special sequences) it is still good fun.


Moe steals Homer's secret drink recipe and claims it as his own, turning his tavern into a towering triumph in the process. Homer sets out to reclaim his invention, and the fortune that comes with it, at any cost...

Flaming Moe is another cracking episode - a classic in fact - which has Moe and Homer at each other's throats. There is also a great Bart phone prank where he rings Moe's and asks for Hugh Jass, only to discover that a Hugh Jass is actually drinking in Moe's that night.

For those who can't wait for the season box sets to be released then these are perfect little stop gaps. And at £13 for four episodes it's not bad value for money.

Nick Smithson

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