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The Dark Secrets of the Simpsons

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Homer's popularity in the city of Springfield skyrockets when the pilot of a new cop TV show features a dashing hero also called Homer Simpson. However, the following week this character has been changed into a bumbling sidekick and the real Homer can't go anywhere without being humiliated. As a last resort he changes his name to Max Power and the results are beyond his wildest dreams...

Homer to the Max is a wonderfully funny episode which illustrates how people perceive you by your name without really knowing anything about you. And how did Homer come up with the name Max Power? It was written on the side of his wife's hairdryer.

X-Files Agents Mulder and Scully investigate Homer's encounter with an "alleged" extraterrestrial...

The Springfield Files was one of those classic episode of The Simpsons when The X-Files was popular, but on reflection it is rather poor. In fact it is only really Leonard Nimoy's cameo that is amusing.

Lisa discovers that her town's beloved founding father, Jebediah Springfield, was in fact a vicious pirate. Homer wins the coveted role of town crier in an upcoming Bicentennial parade...

Lisa the Iconoclast is entertaining enough, but it is also a little too dry to be thinly spread over a full 20 minutes. Too preachy and less funny than normal episodes, but there is a moral to the story (for a change) which is quite touching.

Homer is wrongly accused of sexual harassment, when he tries to enthusiastically remove a sweet stuck to the rear-end of a feminist as she gets out of his car and she mistakes the move as a sexual advance...

Homer Badman is one of my all time favourite episodes of The Simpsons and shows how public opinion is easily swayed when hot topics (like sexual harassment) rear their ugly head. No proof is required to get a name for yourself and Homer has no idea what is going on. A classic episode.

Pete Boomer

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