Crime Scene Investigation
Season 2 - Part 2

Starring: William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads and Jorja Fox
Momentum Pictures
RRP: 39.99
Certificate: 18
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C.S.I. is an acclaimed, edgy, fast-paced drama series about a passionate team of forensic investigators who work the graveyard shift at the Las Vegas Criminalistics Bureau. Their job - to find the missing pieces at the scene that will help to solve the crime and vindicate those who often cannot speak for themselves - the victims. Between the hidden clues and the buried motives lies the trail to the truth because people lie... but the evidence never does...

This box set contains the final 11 episodes from Season 2 of the series.

There are some incredible episodes including The Finger which is a kidnapping case that has a twist in the tale; Felonious Monk which sees Catherine revisiting her past life as a lapdancer while her colleagues try to track down the murderer of a group of monks; and Stalker where a member of CSI becomes the focus for a nutter who hides out in his victim's loft.

While this collection raises the quality for the series, it also throws up one interesting question. Why is it that CSI are called to the scene of accidents? In Chasing the Bus CSI are called out when it simply looks like a bus tire has burst. And in Cat's Cradle they are on the scene with the coroner. However it seems the coroner is pretty slack, as the CSI team stumble over the fact that the murder victim has not simply died, but that there is a puncture mark in her neck. Wouldn't the coroner have discovered this and then called in CSI?

The final three episodes really conclude the second season in style. Anatomy of a Lye is a pretty harrowing case that sees a corpse at the centre of a rather nasty hit and run case - but this has more twists than we have come to expect. Cross-Jurisdiction sees CSI going to Miami chasing a serial killer and The Hunger Artist is a wonderful take on the fashion/beauty industry and the pressure on young women to look like the latest catwalk models.

There is also a shock as we discover that one of the regular cast member's rapidly decreasing medical condition may lead to them leaving the series.

Extras include a CSI tour; Alook at the shooting locations; Making of a Hit; Tools of the Trade; Season three trailer; and DVD-Rom extra material - Recovered Evidence.

Yet another fantastic collection of a first rate series.

Pete Boomer

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