15 Storeys High
Series One

Starring: Sean Lock and Benedict Wong
Carlton Visual Entertainment

RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
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Two very different blokes find themselves sharing a flat in a towerblock on a South London council estate. The flat's owner, Vince, has taken in a new lodger, Errol, and it is not long before he realises he has made a dreadful mistake...

15 Storeys High never really received the critical acclaim it deserved. A middle class nutter living in a South London council estate tower block may seem a little far fetched, but I know of one PR woman who is on a good wage and is forced to live in similar conditions - such is the state of today's housing market.

Sean Lock is extremely funny as Vince, who works for the local leisure centre as a lifeguard. He seems to have no friends and spends the entire time recounting other people's stories as his own. Benedict Wong is perfect as the naive Errol who has moved down from the North of England to try and find a job.

There are your usual issues about two blokes sharing a flat. Vince doesn't want any tactile touching - even going to the lengths of selling his sofa so that they can't sit together.

The six episodes included here are The Sofa, Pool Kids, Blue Rat, The Model, Ice Queen and Dead Swan. All have their own merit, but I thought that Blue Rat and The Model where particularly entertaining.

In Blue Rat Vince discovers a new cheap supermarket's and becomes addicted to a foreign drink that they have on offer called Blue Rat. It keeps him up all night and he becomes convinced that one of his neighbours is keeping a horse. There are many surreal moments including Errol walking around the fishmarket shouting: "Come and wipe your hands on my coat" and Vince finally confronting his neighbour who may have a horse in his flat.

The Model sees Vince promoted to the role of swimming instructor and when his first pupils turn up he realises that one of them is a glamour model from one of the magazines he owns. Meanwhile Errol's habit of picking at wallpaper has meant he must redecorate the bathroom before Vince notices that he's ruined the decor. Everyone's heard people say they buy glamour magazines for the articles, but Vince really does buy them for decorating tips.

Series one of 15 Storeys High is extremely funny and easily ranks up there with Phoenix Nights, The Office and Men Behaving Badly.

Pete Boomer

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