National Lampoon's Animal House
Collector's Edition

Starring: John Belushi, Tim Matheson, and John Vernon
Universal Pictures Video
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Certificate: 15
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College life in the 1960's and the students of the worst house on campus are on double secret probation because the Dean hates their antisocial behaviour.
One more black mark against them and they will all be expelled. So, what better time to organise a Toga party with loads of underage drinking and illegal drugs?...

National Lampoon's Animal House is the father of all college life movies - all films of a similar genre (that includes American Pie) borrow heavily from this classic comedy. But, sadly this has aged rather badly. There are racist and sexist scenes which will have you sucking in breath sharply, and certainly wouldn't be tolerated in a movie made today.

This is the movie that made John Belushi a star (briefly until his premature death), and there are plenty of other familiar faces including a young Kevin Bacon, Donald Sutherland, Karen Allen (who played Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark) and Stephen Furst (Babylon 5).

The extras are fairly impressive too. There are two lengthy documentaries. One entitled Where Are They Now?: A Delta Alumni Update which goes in search of the characters from the movie to see what they are up to at the present time. I originally thought this was a stupid idea, but it actually works quite well, and seems fairly original. It's really weird seeing these actors again after all this time pretending to still be the characters from the movie.

Other extras include a music video. Universal animated anecdotes and the original theatrical trailer.

Not a bad collection at all it's just a shame that the movie has aged so poorly.

Nick Smithson

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