Stargate SG-1
Volume 32

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks
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Whilst searching for the Lost City of the Ancients SG-1 is stunned to find Daniel Jackson alive but stripped of his memory. O'Neill helps Daniel back to SGC, where he is reinstated back into active service...

Fallen sees the return of Daniel Jackson. There are some great moments - that will probably be lost on casual viewers - like the fact that Daniel goes to Teal'c to ask him about his wife. Those that have a good memory will recall that it was Teal'c that killed Daniel's wife after she was turned into a puppet by Apophis. There is also a great dig at Kurt Russell's hair from the original movie, when Daniel asks O'Neill: "Has your hair always been that way?"

Plenty of humour, including comical nods to the original Star Wars movie, and a good storyline gets season seven off on the right foot.


SG-1 are on a mission to help the Kelownans who are attacked by Anubis and it looks like Jonas could be the only one who can save his homeland...

Homecoming is the conclusion to a two-part story, one that you know is bound to lead to Jonas's death or departure from the SGC. If you don't already know, then I won't spoil anything. But I will say that I was slightly disappointed by the conclusion - much more should have been made of Jonas's exit. It just seemed to be over too quickly.

Now that Anubis possesses all of Jonas's memories, thanks to a nice little bit of torturing, you can see the potential problems that have been put in place for the SGC in the future.

There's also a great Richard Dean Anderson moment, where he hums dramatic music at the realisation that they are in danger, only to have the music score in the background also rise dramatically. There is also a nod and a wink to the movie Independence Day.


A 15 year old infiltrates SGC claiming to be Col. Jack O'Neill. The child has the exact DNA, attitude and knowledge of O'Neill. The team must solve the mystery and find Jack, and the Asgaard may hold the key...

Fragile Balance is one of those episodes which could only have worked if the actor playing the mini O'Neill managed to pull it off. And to Michael Welch's credit he does a superb job. He really manages to mimic Richard Dean Anderson's character, both vocally and physically.

Another great comical moment is the scene where it's pointed out that the 15 year old could indeed be O'Neill and that stranger things have happened to him in the past - like turning into a caveman and growing into an old man.

The audio commentary also reveals that a lot of SG-1 fans were concerned that the conclusion of this episode sees a 50 year old man, trapped in a 15 year old's body, let loose on a school of school girls. Oh, please??!!

Great stuff.


Teal'c must adjust to new limitations when he is wounded in battle. The SG-1 team are at hand to help and they set out to rescue Ry'ac and Bra'tac from the Goa'uld's death camp...

Orpheus is visually very impressive, but it is also an angst ridden tale which sees Teal'c untypically mooching around feeling sorry for himself. Christopher Judge does a great job, it's just that it seemed a little out of character for the proud warrior that fans have grown to know.


Extras on this collection are pretty much the same as last season. These include audio commentaries for all four episodes, where they rip apart their own work; SG-1 Directors Series: Fragile Balance; and SG-1 Beyond the Gate: Michael Shanks interview.

Darren Rea

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