The Best of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar
20th Century Fox
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: 15
Available now

Voted for by fans, for fans, this collection sees four of the best Buffy episodes from the shows seven seasons...

For those fans that haven't forked out for the box sets then this is a pretty good idea, buy the episodes voted most beloved by fans on a nice decent price one disc set. But for those who already own them - don't do it, it's just a marketing ploy from Fox!

Of course you have to rate the disc for the episodes it contains which are Becoming (part one), Graduation Day (part two), Hush and The Gift. All are indeed classic episodes that can be watched time and time again, even if it is a bit odd to buy a disc with two separate halves of 2-parter episodes.

Lacking in extras the DVD doesn't really offer fans anything new, so yet again, as with the Slayer Collection, only buy these DVDs if you don't already own the complete seasons and you don't plan to buy them.

If rated by what's on offer then it'd get a measly one out of 10, but taking into consideration the calibre of the episodes enclosed, then its worthy of a 9 for some classic Buffy entertainment!

Keri Allan

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