The Simpsons Classics
On Your Marks, Get Set, D'oh!

Starring: The Simpsons
20th Century Fox
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: PG
Available 16 August 2004

It's time to expand your DVD collection as 20th Century Fox release yet another collection of classic themed episodes of The Simpsons...

It's a busy time in Springfield in these four sport themed episodes:

In Faith Off (Season 11) Homer crashes the car into a revival meeting and whilst there Bart finds himself converted. Let the healing hands of Bart heal you of all your aches and pains but can the Church of Springfield compete with Bart?

Homer They Fall (Season 8) sees Homer dealing with the fathers of Bart's bullies and becoming a boxer. Follow Homer through his training and see if he can make it through his first fight.

In Lisa On Ice Lisa (Season 6) finds out that she is failing gym class at school and the only way for her to pass is to join an out of school team sport. She makes the hockey team and finds herself playing against Bart.

Dancin' Homer (Season 2) sees a drunken Homer (embarrassing his family) cheering on the crowd which encourages the Springfield Isotopes to victory, he is then offered the job as team mascot and suddenly doesn't look so foolish, or does he?

The only extra on this collection of sport themed Simpson's episodes is the 'Good Sports Make Sport Good' featurette. But to be quite honest, who needs extras when you have four classic episodes to watch?

These episodes will have you laughing along with The Simpsons antics (no change there then). Even if you have watched them over and over you never tire of them.

Helena Rea

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