The Black Society Trilogy
Rainy Dog

Starring: Sho Aikawa, Xian-Mai Chen and Ming-Jun Gao
Artsmagic Ltd
RRP 19.99, US $24.95
ATU 006
Certificate: 18 (UK)/Not Rated (US)
Available 31 August 2004

When a former one night stand catches up with an outcast Yakuza called Yuji is unexpectedly saddled with what may be his real son. A sense of responsibility is born in Yuji, as he uses his lethal skills to find some sort of haven for his newly found family...

The second of Miike's Black Society Trilogy continues the theme of alienation and revolves around an outcast Yakuza; Yuji, who lives as a hit man on the fringes of the Taiwanese criminal world.

Rainy Dog is an altogether more sombre affair than the first and deals with the delicate relationship between a son who does not know his father and a father who is not sure he wants the son but must save his honour and find safety for his family. But as with all Miike's films not everything is as it seems.

There are plenty of shocks and twists to make you wriggle before you get too comfortable. This is a tale that will melt your heart as well as your eyeballs.

The DVD itself has all the usual Artsmagic staples. Once again Tom Mes provides another excellent commentary track. There are also interviews with the director and the editor. Picture quality is what you would expect from a low budget film such as this and the sound is adequate.

All in all, this is an excellent piece of work from Miike and a very worthy addition to the trilogy and hopefully your film collection.

Simon Lee

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