Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Starring: Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen
Warner Home Video/Dualstar Entertainment Group
RRP: 12.99

Certificate: U
Available 20 September 2004

It's Halloween, the scariest and funniest event of the year but for Lynn and Kelly Farmer something far scarier could happen because they've just discovered that their Aunt Agatha is a witch! To make matters worse it seems that Agatha isn't an especially nice witch either - she has a grudge against Lynn and Kelly's father and wants to ruin him financially, and its up to the spirited twins to step in and stop her. Will they succeed? Or will their evil Aunt Agatha be able to ruin their Halloween and their family forever?...

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble is one of the earliest Olsen twins TV movies. Dating back to 1993, this slice of kids entertainment offers very little in the way of amusement for any viewers older than about 10.

The Olsen's acting is poor, and they look like two pigs - they really were hit too hard with the ugly stick as babies weren't they? And the supporting cast don't act much better. Only Cloris Leachman (playing both aunt Agatha and aunt Sofia) and Phil Fondacaro (as Oscar) turn in believable performances, and when you see what they have to play with it just goes to show how talented they are.

There are no extras, but then that might actually be a blessing. I'd also like to know who the two sweet looking kids on the cover of the DVD box and DVD menu are. Obviously it's the Olsen twins, but they look quite sweet given the right makeup and lighting.

Kids will probably love this cheesy and rather camp offering, but their parents are advised to leave the room, for fear of slipping into a coma.

Nick Smithson.

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