Terry Wogan: One on One

Starring: Terry Wogan
BBC Worldwide
RRP: 15.99
Certificate: PG
Available 20 September 2004

A fascinating look back at the career of one of the nation's most prolific TV and radio presenters. Terry Wogan currently presents
Wake Up To Wogan on Radio 2 weekdays, and continues to present The Eurovision Song Contest and Children in Need on BBC One...

Terry Wogan: One on One will appeal to all Terry Wogan fans out there. And, to be honest if you didn't grow up watching his exploits as the host of Blankety Blank, you'll probably wonder what all the fuss is about - why is this DVD being released? Watching this DVD made me realise that Wogan was, and still is, an extremely talented presenter who has been missing from our screens for far too long.

This DVD features a new interview with Wogan as he is talks openly about his career to date. It starts with his humble TV beginnings as a reporter and moves on to his time on Blankety Blank - which really was as funny as I remembered. He then moves on to his role presenting The Eurovision Song Contest, which Wogan admits is "rubbish" and that the British public are well aware of this fact and that there's no point in pretending any different.

The majority of this release centres on the Wogan chat show which ran between 1982-1992. Instead of being a sycophantic look at Wogan's greatest interviews, it concentrates on the shows where his guests gave him a hard time, or where he got down and dirty with them. He really didn't hit it off with Victoria Principal, Raquel Welch or Ronald and Nancy Regan's daughter Patti Davies (who Wogan states really got up his nose). But he manages to keep his calm when his guests are a pain. He states that he restrained himself from giving a lot of them a "good slap", when he felt (and you have to agree with him on this point) that he would have had good grounds to do so on occasion.

He comes back with some fantastic attacks on his guests. Raquel Welch starts to explain something and calls him "Terry" and the audience laughs. You can see Ms Welch looks uncomfortable, thinking perhaps she has got his name wrong and asks: "It is Terry, isn't it?". Later in the interview Wogan calls her "Raquel" and then proceeds to ask "It is Raquel, isn't it?" Only he could get away with such cheek, and still come out looking like a saint.

During his interview with Victoria Principal they are discussing her new book and she says: "You haven't read this book have you?" To which he admits: "No". Principal ask: "Then how can you sit here and have this conversation?" And without flinching Wogan quips: "With the greatest of difficulty."

He cringes looking back at his interviews with John Malkovitch, Glenn Close, Ann Bancroft and Christopher Lloyd (an interview I remember at the time, as I couldn't believe the actor who played the eccentric Doc Brown in the Back to the Future movies was so timid in real life). Although he does remember Lloyd meant well, and smiled a lot, but was just so nervous that he couldn't get his words out.

But it his interview with David Icke where in retrospect Wogan claims he is now embarrassed by his attack on Icke's believes. Wogan states that he's not proud of that interview as he believes he shouldn't have humiliated Icke in the way he did.

This DVD is a great insight into the man but it is sadly a little too short. Thankfully there are a ton of extras which can be accessed separately or while watching the main feature whenever a letter "W" appears on the screen - in a similar fashion to the 'follow the white rabbit' feature on The Matrix DVD.

These extras include some of the best moments of Blankety Blank (although some poor editing means that the odd joke escapes you because they cut in too early; The Eurovision Song Contest; although this spends more time showcasing past entries than hearing Wogan's dry wit; Wogan sings The Floral Dance; and almost 30 minutes of The Wogan Years, which looks at some of the man's better interviews.

I have some slight moans about this DVD though. Firstly, on a technical point, there are about ten minutes of poor footage which really shouldn't be present - obviously something to do with the way the DVD has been encoded. And secondly, I would have loved to have seen some of the highlights of Wogan's work on Children in Need as well as a few lengthier interviews that went poorly from Wogan, instead of the very short clips that are presented.

You'll have to admit, after watching this, that Wogan is an extremely talented and versatile entertainer. If only the BBC would do with Wogan what they did with Parkinson... put him back on the telly!

Darren Rea

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