The World at War
Special Edition DVD Box Set

Narrator: Sir Laurence Olivier
Fremantle Home Entertainment
RRP: 99.99
Certificate: E
Available 25 April 2005

The World at War was first broadcast 31st October 1973, when memories of the Second World War were still clear in people's minds and the war's veterans numerous. This unique television series was able to assemble these recollections, together with archive footage into one of the most powerful and successful historical documentaries ever seen...

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series, don't be put off by the year it was produced. A more enthralling, powerful and, above all, informative work there is not. Thanks to a stirring narration by Sir Laurence Olivier, high production values, exhaustive research and interviews by those who were there, each 50-minute episode stands as the definitive word on the subject at hand. That 26 episodes were made in total is an astonishing feat.

The amount of research that has gone into this collection is amazing and the end result is a well rounded view of arguably last century's most important period.

This collection has a total running time of 35 hours and 39 minutes and contains all 26 episode - divided into five volumes which are spread out over 11 discs.

Extras include 8 special presentations; and a 3 hour 30th Anniversary disc containing previously unseen interviews and retrospective interviews with the original production team; Imperial War Museum photo gallery; biographies; brief history of The World at War; episode summaries; and speeches/songs and newsreels/maps.

For anyone who has even a mere interest in the history of World War Two, this is a mandatory purchase.

Jeff Watson

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