Starring (voice): William Callaway, Michael Bell, Christopher Collins and Dick Gautier
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: PG
Available 06 June 2005

Long ago the Inhumanoids were defeated by the Mutores, who imprisoned the Inhumanoids deep within the Earth's crust. After centuries of confinement the Inhumanoids are unwittingly set free by unsuspecting human excavators. Now, an elite team of scientists known as Earth Corps, headed by noted geologist Herc Armstrong, must team up with the Mutores to confront the Inhumanoids and prevent their plan to destroy the planet...

Inhumanoids is an animated series from the mid-80s that seems to have passed me by and I'm kinda glad it did. The animation is below the standard of other animated shows that were around at the same time and the whole series is very, very bizarre. Giant rock people, trees and some cowboy statues are just a few examples of the odd characters that run amok through this series. It's the animated equivalent of a Godzilla movie - lots of giant monsters fighting for the sake of it - and no real plot to speak of.

This 2-disc collection features five hours worth of episodes, including the five part movie The Evil That Lies Within and the remaining series episodes: Cypheroid; The Surma Plan; Cult Of Darkness; Negative Polarity; The Eye; Primal Passions (part one and two); The Masterson Team; and Auger... For President?

The retail price almost makes it worth gambling with your money. £12.99 for a 2-disc set is pretty good. However, the picture and sound quality is extremely poor.

In all honesty, it's not really surprising that this series was cancelled so early on. If you remember this from your childhood, then it might have some nostalgia value, otherwise steer well clear. Mind you, I watched this with a 13-year-old who thought it was pretty cool - so what do I know?

Pete Boomer

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