Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Natasha Richardson, Julian Sands and Timothy Spall
RRP: 15.99
Certificate: 18
Available 20 June 2005

As a storm gathers on a dark night, the romantic icons of the English literati gather in Lord Byron's villa on the shores of Lake Geneva to explore thier innermost fears. Wild and drug-induced games lead the gathering into an evening of sexual abandon and nightmarish hallucinations that result in Marry Shelly finding the inspiration for her famous novel...

Oh dear! Ken Lynch what were you thinking? While the idea behind Gothic is promising - the night Mary Shelly gave birth to the literary classic Frankenstein - the execution is sloppy and so pretentious as to be laughable.

Welcome to the DIY Ken Lynch style of film making: Stick some animals in the movie in odd surroundings (a fish slapping around in a bird bath, a goat wandering around an old hall...) and the critics can't possibly slate it as it is art! Stick in some nudity, a laughably dull and incomprehensible plot (that when you actually strip it down is very dull) and no one will see what a pile of crap you're making.

The acting in the last 20 minutes is appauling and the whole thing really does feel like a fine art student's post-teen self indulgent show piece. Robotic slaves, with a mind of their own, free love practicised with abondonment, not to mention a love their dare not speak it's name - what was Timothy Spall thinking when he agreed to be in this movie?

This is one of the most pathetic pieces of self-indulgent twaddle I've ever had to sit through. Oh, and why did Lynch think that getting his characters to deliver lines that he was so desperate to make sound like Shakespeare had penned them?

Ray Thompson

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