Salaryman Kintaro
Volume 2 - Episodes 5-8
(Region 1 Edition)

Starring (Voice): Taisei Miyamoto, Kiyoshi Kawakubo and Nachi Nozawa
Artsmagic Ltd
RRP: $24.95
Certificate: Not Rated (USA) / 15 (UK)
Available 28 June 2005 (USA)

Kintaro's taking them all on... the girls, the gangs, the corporation... and still comes out a winner. As well as saving his son's life, our super salaryman leads a challenge to the corrupt faction in Yamato Corporation and finds an unlikely ally in a powerful yakuza what has warmed to his moral and physical strengths...

Volume 2 in the Salaryman Kintaro series is more an exploration of the company politics of the firm that Kintaro has joined, than it is a deeper examination of our hero's past yakuza life. We discover that while on the outside Yamato Construction may seem like any other large corporation, there are a lot of internal struggles that threaten to change who holds the reigns of this company. It would seem that the President has secretly persuaded the board to sack the Chairman so that the President can run the company without any disruptions. However, the Chairman is popular with the workers, and some of them have their suspicions that the President is up to no good. But can they save the Chairman's job?

Kintaro Becomes Very Popular sees the resistance against the crooked President and his cronies grow, while Kintaro arrives home to an unexpected but welcome surprise.

In The Crucial Moment For Men big trouble arrives at Yamato and it's aimed straight at Kintaro. Meanwhile, the President makes his move to gain full control of the company.

Kintaro Snaps sees Kintaro takes on two deadly yakuza trouble makers while a tense boardroom battle decides the fate of Yamato Construction.

In Kintaro Doesn't Impress Me the Chairman's meeting with a yakuza boss doesn't quite go as he expected, and Kintaro celebrates his new promotion by dispensing some instant railside justice.

As I mentioned previously, Kintaro take a back seat in these episodes. While he does get to kick some bad guys around a bit, the storylines help to flesh out the characters and situations in his universe - rather than having Kintaro throw his weight around every episode. However, in Kintaro Becomes Popular, the writers tackle his inability to form meaningful relationships with the opposite sex, due to the fact that he is still mourning the death of his wife. It was also interesting to see that not only did he loose the one woman that he was forming a close bond with, but that he nearly looses his son in a train accident.

Extras include a seven minute interview with the director and a four minute interview with the producer.

Another worthy addition to this compelling series.

Darren Rea

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