Bob the Builder
Project Build it - Chip off the Old Block

Starring (voice): Neil Morrisey, Richard Briars and June Whitfield
HIT Entertainment
RRP: 12.99
Certificate: U
Available 18 July 2005

Since settling in Sunflower Valley, Bob is constructing his first eco-town while some of his team stayed in Bobsville helping Wendy. The machines want Wendy to live in Sunflower Valley with them, but what do they do with Bob's old yard...?

Project Build it - Chip off the Old Block is the latest Bob the Builder DVD to be released. While this is obviously aimed at the very young there is an environmentally friendly message across this series - and one that will also get its message across to adults. The new message is: "Reduce, reuse and recycle".

In total there are nine episodes on this DVD. The running time is an hour and the episodes consist of short, comical episodes with a message, which are sandwiched between the newer, longer, Project Build it episodes - which have an ongoing storyline.

There are plenty of educational elements to the episodes - some which will also be of interest to parents of the youngsters. For example, there is a lengthy explanation about how useful sunflowers are to mankind - they're used in lots of products that you'd never suspect; and there is an interesting examination of solar power.

These episodes are made even better by the fact that Richard Briars and June Whitfield appear as Bob's parents.

Extras are a little dull - there are more trailers than anything else - including a really scary one for a DVD called The Wiggles. The trailer shows a group of weird looking guys, who look like they've just stepped out of an original series Star Trek convention (One guy is wearing a blue top, one a yellow top and one a red top). And they are singing a very odd song about wiggling!

Chip off the Old Block is an entertaining and educational release for the very young.

Amber Leigh

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