Series 3

Starring: Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmonson
RRP: 15.99
Certificate: 15
Available 08 August 2005

There's a rumbling in the basement, a rumpus in the offing and a foul smell in the air as Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler raise a stink in this tale of cohabitation and domesticity...

Fans of vulgarity, profanity, gratuitous violence and Rik Mayall's extreme sweating will already be familiar with Bottom, and will heartily welcome this latest release to DVD. Others new to the antics of Adrian Edmondson and Mayall can jump in here without the need to view any of the previous series. One episode is pretty much the same as the other, so dip in wherever you like.

Bottom always had excellent production (if not moral) standards, and the third series is no exception. Delightful pyrotechnic special effects feature regularly, and the fights, though fewer, are as amusing as ever. Thankfully, Mayall hogs the limelight less, making the show more of a double-act rather than The Rick Mayall Screaming Show and Friend. There are some excellent gags, and the plots (for want of a better word) are as joyously daft as ever.

As with previous Bottom DVDs, a procession of fluffed lines and other cock-ups are the only "extra", but disappointingly some of them have appeared on previous Bottom DVDs

Jeff Watson

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