Lavender Castle
The Complete Collection

Starring (voice): Kate Harbour Cast List: Jimmy Hibbert, David Holt, Rob Rackstraw
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: U
Available 19 September 2005

Follow the epic adventures of Captain Thrice and the crew of the starship
Paradox on their search to find the Lavender Castle - a floating city deep in space and according to legendary the greatest source of power and light in the universe. There's only one problem, the evil Dr Agon also wants to find the castle... and destroy it!...

At heart Gerry Anderson's Lavender Castle is a simple set of pirate-themed morality tales intended for the young, pre-school audience. And in that spirit the characters have silly names such as Walking Stick, Isambard, Sir Squeakalot, Sproggle, Dr Agon and Trump. However, despite its obvious tots target there's plenty of jolly stuff here for adults too - provided they're accompanied by a junior member of the family.

The involvement of Cosgrove Hall, purveyors of quality animation to children of all ages, is partly the reason for the show's innate charm, although I can't help feeling that Lavender Castle should have been made back in 1967 as there's something oddly 'hippy' about it. Sgt Pepper's would have made an excellent score for the show.

The 26 episodes, each ten minutes in duration, are colourful slices of whimsy that have been nicely transferred to DVD - although the extras are a little thin on the ground. However, in fairness the intended audience isn't really going to be wanting extensive behind-the-scenes documentaries or deleted scenes. Lavender Castle is, after all, designed as entertainment for the under fives.

You'd have to be a real die hard Gerry Anderson fan to buy this series for your collection but if you know a young person who you think might like it then there's probably a guilty pleasure to be had in sitting and watching these DVDs with them.

Stand ready, me hearties, there's some animated science fiction pirate adventures afoot.

Anthony Clark

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