Teen Titans
Season 2 - Vol 1: Fear Itself
(Region 1 Edition)

Starring (voice): Greg Cipes, Scott Menville and Khary Payton
Warner Bros
RRP US $19.97

Certificate: Not Rated (USA)
Available 20 September 2005 (USA)

Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven turbocharge six power-punching adventures from the smash TV series
. Raven's unique control of her emotions backfires when she unleashes real monsters from a scary movie. Robin dons his dancing shoes to escort criminal Killer Moth's teenage daughter to the junior prom - and if this blind date ends poorly, daddy will destroy the city with a flying army of mutant moths. More heroics are unleashed as the gang take down giant robots, a spoiled alien brat, a villain from the future and another teen hero with a secret that could destroy them all...

Fear Itself is a pretty impressive collection of Teen Titans tales. This release contains six twenty-minute episodes of a very entertaining series.

In the first episode, How Long is Forever, Xander Berkeley (24) guest stars as Warp, a time-travelling thief who has travelled back 100 years in order to steal a rare antique clock.

In Every Dog Has His Day, Beast Boy accidentally swaps places with an alien dog. The Teen Titans don't realise, and neither does the dog's alien owner. Beast Boy looks set to spend the rest of his life performing for a very dim master.

Terra sees a new addition to the Teen Titans. Terra is girl with super human abilities... but she hides a dark secret that could destroy her new friends.

Only Human sees Cyborg depressed that his robotic body has its limitations. Unlike when he was human, no matter how much he trains he will never improve his strength or speed. So when a superior robotic entity steals his friends he knows he is powerless to save them.

In Fear Itself, Control Freak (a bad guy who's a huge sci-fi nut) runs amok in a video store. Later, the Teen Titans sit down to watch a scary horror movie in the safety of their tower. But it's not long before the monsters start to come to life and try to destroy our heroes. Is Control Freak up to his usual tricks, or is the culprit a little closer to home?

Date With Destiny, is by far the funniest episode in this collection. Killer Moth is about to go out and cause havoc, until his teenage daughter starts blubbing. Her date for the junior prom has dumped her and she wants her father to get the Teen Titans's Robin to be her date. How can a father resist his daughter's wishes? So, off flies Killer Moth to destroy the world. But before he does, he offers his terms to the Teen Titans. In amongst his quest for global domination he tentatively asks Robin to date his daughter...

Extras include a short featurette Inside Titan Towers, which is a virtual tour of the Teen Titans's HQ; Arachnid Challenge (a fun game where you play as Robin and have to defeat a giant half-man, half-spider enemy; and some trailers.

You really couldn't ask for much more. This DVD represents excellent value for money.

Pete Boomer

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