Remastered Extended Edition Volume 2

Starring (voice): Larry Abraham, Robert Axelrod and Bill Capeze
Manga Entertainment UK
RRP: 16.99
Certificate: PG
Available 14 November 2005

It's the year 1999, and the Earth is embroiled in a Global War. The international conflict is brought to a sudden end when a giant alien spaceship crash-lands on the South Pacific island of Macross. Soon the world's leading scientists are united in trying to understand the complex Robotech technology.
Ten years later, the alien ship has been restored and is preparing for its maiden flight amidst great global celebration. But another huge alien vessel appears in Earth's orbit. It is part of a fleet of ships belonging to the warrior race of the Zentraedi, intent on destroying Earth. But, with their newly found understanding of Robotech, a small group of human pilots are prepared to fight back against the seemingly superior alien firepower...

Volume 2 of Robotech features another 12 episodes (13 - 24) of the 36-episode The Macross Saga. All have been digitally remastered and featuring extended, never-before-seen footage and outtakes to bring fans five hours worth of classic anime.

As with Volume 1, Volume 2 represents some classic storytelling. The animation is fairly run-of-the-mill, but the scripts are way more impressive than they should be - especially when you consider that this was originally a children's show.

The relationships between the show's main characters is something that slowly grows on you as the series progresses.

If you've bought, and enjoyed, the first volume in this collection then you'll not be disappointed by the episodes reproduced here. However, if you're not familiar with Robotech, you might like to rent first - it's something of an acquired taste.

At the end of the day Manga Entertainment UK should be applauded for taking the time and effort to polish up an old classic and present it in a format that fans will appreciate.

Nick Smithson

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