Stargate SG-1
Volume 18

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks & Amanda Tapping
Certificate: PG
Available now

SG-1 is summoned to Abydos after a child is discovered walking in the desert. The child possess the genetic memory of the Goa'uld. After sharing his knowledge with Daniel Jackson (through a process not dissimilar to a mind meld) a chain of events are set in motion which witness Jackson turn into a power hungry megalomaniac...

Absolute Power is a refreshing change of pace to the series. It allows Michael Shanks to prove that he has a wider acting range than his character allows. There is a point during the episode when fans will be truly flummoxed by the proceedings and you could be forgiven for wondering how on earth the writers are going to resolve this episode. Thankfully they do, and with a well executed twist. Impressive.


When a member of the SGC commits suicide no one can understand why. But after Daniel Jackson is saved from killing himself SG-1 soon discover that a strange artifact on a previously visited planet may hold the key...

The Light is rather slow and would have been better used as a subplot for a stronger episode. There really isn't enough going on to justify 45 minutes of time and the ending hits you in the face before you know what has happened.

Sorry to say that this is the worst episode in season four so far. If this had been an episode on Star Trek: Voyager then it could be forgiven, but with a series as constantly good as SG-1 this sticks out like a sore thumb. The Light is dull!


While giving a lecture at her old academy, Carter crosses swords with a promising young cadet who reminds her of herself. Carter decides to take her along on a Stargate mission which soon turns into a nightmare when the SG-1 team are attacked by alien life forms that are composed entirely of energy...

Prodigy introduces possibly the most annoying character since Wesley Crusher was introduced to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Cadet Hailey has a serious Harry Ramsden on her shoulder. That said, it is a credit to the actress's ability to make you hate her so much (which is obviously the desired intention).

The only real problem I had here was that Hailey is introduced and then at the end of the episode it is left open as to what happens to her. I assume that she goes back to her studies, but surely allowing such an arrogant character to have knowledge of the Stargate is a serious breech of security? Still, there is an excellent amusing cameo from real chief of staff of the Air Force, General Michael Ryan to make up for it.


An alien probe downloads itself into Carter's body. The SGC can find no way of destroying the probe unless they sacrifice Carter...

Entity is a well paced episode which plods along nicely. There is also a nice twist that throws a question mark of the good guy image of the SG-1 team. An average episode at best though.


This is a rather disappointing disc, not up to the standards of what we have come to expect. But fear not, volume 19 promises to herald a spectacular return to form.

Darren Rea

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