Sid & Nancy - Blu-ray review

CoverSid and Nancy is a biographical drama, directed by Alex Cox, who co-wrote the screenplay with Abbe Wool. The film sets out to depict the self-destructive relationship between Sid Vicious, best known as the bassist with the Sex Pistols and Nancy Spungen, probably best known for most likely being stabbed to death by Sid... [click here...]


Ben Simpson (Arrogant Pixel) - Interview

CoverBen Simpson is the founder and lead designer / programmer at Arrogant Pixel, a company he launched in 2012. Arrogant Pixel is best known for the point and click adventure The Tale of Doris and the Dragon, that proved hugely popular on several indie portals such as Newgrounds in 2015. The original release of the game was created, almost single-handedly by Simpson. Arrogant Pixel is now a small team of five game developers based in South West London. Review Graveyard caught up with Simpson as Part 1 of The Tale of Doris and The Dragon was released on iOS and Android... [click here...]


The Killing$ of Tony Blair - DVD review

CoverThis feature-length documentary, co-written and presented by George Galloway, examines the prime-ministerial career of Tony Blair and his business activities since leaving office. Combining testimony from prominent observers, ambassadors and statesmen, with extensive archive footage, animation and illustrations from the award-winning political cartoonist Steve Bell, Galloway sets out his argument that, despite good things that his government achieved, Tony Blair’s actions since leaving office reveal that his overriding motivation may have always been a messianic pursuit of personal glory and financial reward... [click here...]


Spalding's Bounce and Other Chamber Works

CoverComposer Ferdinando DeSena presents a selection of chamber works offering a mixture of musical elements. DeSena’s distinct musical style draws on all his diverse musical influences including jazz, popular, and classical avant garde. The popular and jazz fingerprints on his music are subtle, but can be found in his instrumentation and instrumental writing; on this album his combinations include the flute, guitar, sax and even harp and electronics to express unique sounds... [click here...]


Devil Gone Public: Smokehound - Music review

CoverDevil Gone Public is a five-piece genre-breaking band from Sarasota, Florida, USA – comprising Garrett Moore on Lead Vocals, Red on Guitar, Austin Bowman on Guitar, James Hyde on Bass & Vocals, and Brandon Thrift on Drums. Although they have been around in one form or another since 2008, they feel the time is now right to release their debut album, Smokehound. It is presented in a slip sleeve with artwork depicting a medieval plague doctor, a multitude of grave markers and roaming wolves... [click here...]


Zoë: Debut Deluxe - Music review

CoverZoë is a 19-year-old singer and songwriter from Vienna, Austria. Her debut album, Debut, was released in Austria in October 2015. Following the huge success of the LP in her home country, she was selected to represent Austria in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Following the popularity of her Eurovision performance, Zoë releases a special edition of her Debut album for the UK market: Debut Deluxe... [click here...]


The Wicked Lady (1983) - DVD review

CoverWhen Barbara attends the marriage of her sister Caroline to Sir Ralph; she manipulates both Ralph and her sister, ending up marrying Ralph herself. Following the wedding she finds herself rich, but bored. She takes to the road as a highwayman, meeting the attractive highwayman, Jerry Jackson. As the two continue their exploits suspicion starts to arise about what Barbara is getting up to... [click here...]


The Ones Below - DVD review

CoverKate and Justin are expecting their first baby. The flat below becomes available and Jon and Theresa move in also expecting their first child. The two couples get to know each other over dinner in Kate's flat . When Theresa stumbles and falls, leaving the dinner party, her injuries mean that they lose their child and she blames Kate and Justin for not replacing the hall light... [click here...]


They Might Be Giants: Phone Power - Music

CoverAfter an incredible year of creativity, posting 52 new songs over the course of 2015, They Might Be Giants release of their new album Phone Power, through Lojinx. The LP continues the all-killer, no-filler tradition of the band's current efforts... [click here...]


Aukai: Aukai - Music review

CoverAukai is the new album and project by multi-instrumentalist and composer Markus Sieber. The LP represents a collection of ambient acoustic soundscapes that take the listener on an inward journey to a place of stillness and tranquil beauty... [click here...]