Witness for the Prosecution - Blu-ray review

CoverBilly Wilder's 1957 movie Witness for the Prosecution is released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK as part of Eureka Entertainment's Masters of Cinema series. When a wealthy widow is found murdered, her married suitor, Leonard Vole (Tyrone Power), is accused of the crime. Vole’s only hope for acquittal is the testimony of his wife (Marlene Dietrich)… but his airtight alibi shatters when she reveals some shocking secrets of her own... [click here...]


Designated Survivor: Season 2 - DVD review

CoverFollowing on from the first season – where lower-level cabinet minister and ‘Designated Survivor’ Tom Kirkman, is suddenly appointed President of the United States (POTUS), when a devastating attack on the US Capitol wipes out most of the government – we join the new leader one year into his presidency. With the support of his devoted wife First Lady Alex Kirkman, President Kirkman is starting to find his feet as the most powerful man in the world. The terrorists who took down the Capitol are still at large and the President will stop at nothing to bring justice to the people they killed, even if it means making personal sacrifices. The POTUS must navigate the running of the country and the daily flow of crises inside the West Wing, from airplane hijackers and border disputes to negotiations with infamous warlords and virus outbreaks, with the help of his loyal staff... [click here...]


Ion8 Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle - review

CoverIon8's new range of water bottles are perfect for those on the go. 100% leak proof, they have a vented, smooth liquid flow for rapid hydration. Concave sides and a soft band on this sports bottle provide a comfortable, slip free grip. These water bottles flip open with one hand, and lock closed for peace of mind when throwing into a bag. This drinking bottle is made from Tritan, it is odour resistant, BPA free, phthalate free, non-toxic, Dishwasher safe and suitable for hot and cold drinks from -10C to 96C... [click here...]


Blair Jollands: 7 Blood - Music review

CoverGlowB Records release Blair Jollands's new album, 7 Blood. In the past Jollands was signed to Boy George’s label, More Protein - releasing the LPs Hotel and Violent Love - before turning his hand to writing for film; composing and producing soundtracks including Pride, Wild Bill, Bleak House, A Touch of Cloth and the award winning film, Shackleton. For 7 Blood, Jollands acted as writer, composer, producer and mixer... [click here...]


The Last Warrior - DVD review

CoverLutobor is loyal to his king and, a soon to be father, his world is one of violence where strength is the only real power. When his wife and new son are kidnapped, Lutobor must rely on the help of his Scythian prisoner to travel deep into the wilds to confront the last of the Scythian peoples... [click here...]


Take Shelter - Blu-ray review

CoverCurtis LaForche has a nice steady life with his wife and daughter, that is until he starts having visions. He sees a great storm coming filling the sky with an oil like rain, the end of his world where neighbour turns against neighbour. Convinced that the visions are true he starts work on a shelter for his family... [click here...]


Guy Farley (composer) - Interview

CoverBritish musician and composer Guy Farley was born on 05 February 1963. His work includes orchestral scores, world music, electronica and collaborations with pop artists including Tokio Myers, Emile Sande, Paloma Faith and Mica Paris. Notable scores include Mother Teresa of Calcutta (2003), Modigliani (2004), The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey (2007), Mary of Nazareth (2012), The Hot Potato (2011), and Tula: The Revolt (2013). Darren Rea chatted with him as Caldera Records released his latest soundtrack That Good Night (2018) on CD... [click here...]


Honest Iago: 29 Palms - Music review

CoverHonest Iago formed in San Diego in 2005. The current lineup saw the quartet of Matt Fradkin, Nick Norton, Craig Vermeyen, and Hunter Knight release their debut, Straight OnTil Morning, in 2009. 29 Palms, recorded and produced by Nick Tipp (The National, The Decemberists, HEALTH), is the band's second LP... [click here...]


Spitfire - Soundtrack review

CoverChris Roe's score for Spitfire is released via Plaza Mayor Company Ltd. The movie is a cinematic, epic, sweeping tale of determination, vision and courage. It is the story of an aircraft that was forged in competition, shaped as the war clouds gathered and refined in the white heat of combat – going on to become the most famous fighter aircraft ever made. Credited with changing the course of world history, this is the story of the Spitfire – told personally in the words of the last-surviving combat veterans. Through their recollections, we experience the terror and exhilaration of combat five miles up, the loss of friends and the grim determination to see the job through... [click here...]


Lee Fields - Zed Events - Interview

CoverLee Fields was originally involved in creating the scare attraction Alien War, which opened in Glasgow in 1992 and later relocated to the Trocadero in London. Alien War was the first attraction of its kind that fully immersed thrill seekers into an unfolding storyline based on the iconic 20th Century Fox’s movie Aliens. Fields went on to work within special effects departments for film and TV companies, as well as being a freelance designer/illustrator in the games industry. In 2012, he created Zed Events and opened the worlds first feature length zombie immersive experience which began a whole new niche within the scare industry. Fields closed the Zombie Shopping Mall Experience in early 2018 in order to push the boundaries even further with the new show set in a post apocalyptic near future. Darren Rea spoke with him about the rise of scare attractions and what attendees can expect from Zed Events's Wasteland Experience... [click here...]


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