28 December

God of War: Ragnarök - Soundtrack review

26 December

Noso: Stay Proud of Me - Music review
Voice of the Beehive: Let it Bee (35th Anniversary Edition) - Music review

25 December

Larkhall: Say You're With Me - Music review

24 December

Kiko Navarro: Sounds of my Breath - Music review

23 December

Roald Dahl's Matilda The Musical - Soundtrack review
Corazón: The Music of Latin America - Classical Music review

22 December

Music from the Terminator Movies - Soundtrack review

21 December

Lil Gator Game (Nintendo Switch) - Game review

20 December

Windswept: Vol. II - Classical Music review

19 December

Wavetale (PS4 / PS5) - Game review

17 December

The Iron Giant: The Deluxe Edition 2-LP Set - Soundtrack review
Pet Needs: Primetime Entertainment - Music review
True North & Stony Plain Records: Christmas Classics - Music review

15 December

Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent (PS4 / PS5) - Game review

14 December

Doctor Who: Series 13 – The Power of the Doctor - Soundtrack review
The Three Billy Goats Gruff: Studio Cast Recording - Musical review

13 December

Figments: Vol 3 - Classical Music review

12 December

The Knight Watch (PS4 / PS5) - Game review
Celtic Frost: Danse Macabre - Music review

09 December

Edengate: The Edge of Life (Xbox One / Xbox Series X/S) - Game review

08 December

Tales from a Robotic World (Hardback) - Book review

06 December

Doctor Who: Series 13 – Legend of the Sea Devils - Soundtrack review

03 December

Retro Goal (Nintendo Switch) - Game review

02 December

Eric Biddington: Last Notes: Chamber Works - Classical Music review

01 December

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me (PS4 / PS5) - Game review
The Watch - Soundtrack review

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