31 March

Paddington 2 - Blu-ray review

30 March

Terrifier - DVD review
Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 5 - Xbox One Game review
The Goonies (2018 Vinyl Release) - Soundtrack review
We (Folio Society Hardback) - Book review
Copa90: Our World Cup - A Fans' Guide to 2018 - Book review

28 March

Epic Themes II - Soundtrack review
Music in the Listening Place - Choral Music review

27 March

Hangman - Soundtrack review
The Alienist - Soundtrack review
Fighting Fantasy Legends (Android) - Game review

26 March

Stephan Eicke (Director) - Caldera Records - Interview
American Folk - Soundtrack review
Prisma: Contemporary Works for Orchestra - Classical Music review

25 March

Sergio Moure de Oteyza’s Film Music Works (2005-2017) - Music review

24 March

Videoman: Soundtrack review
Switch - Or Die Trying (Xbox One) - Game review

23 March

Marsmobil: Fairytales of the Supersurvivor - Music review
Young Prometheus: The Music of Mark Volker - Classical Music review
Xylouris White: Mother - Music review

20 March

Courtney Marie Andrews: May Your Kindness Remain - Music review
Torgeir Waldemar: Jamais Vu - Music review
Tomb Raider (2018) - Soundtrack review

18 March

Small Stones: Modern Piano Music - Classical Music review
Blind - Soundtrack review

17 March

Tutti: Introspection - Music review
Jigsaw - Blu-ray review
24 Hours to Live - Soundtrack review
Once on This Island: New Broadway Cast Recording - Musical review

16 March

Ernest Shackleton Loves Me: Original Cast Recording - Musical review
Donnybrook!: Original Broadway Cast Recording - Musical review
Felipe Perez Santiago: Formika - Classical Music review
The Commuter - Soundtrack review

15 March

Molly's Game - Soundtrack review
Loi Bao - Soundtrack review

14 March

Black Panther - Soundtrack review
That Good Night - Soundtrack review

12 March

Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension: Book Two - Graphic Novel review
Black Mirror: Black Museum - Soundtrack review

11 March

Tangled: The Series - TV Series Soundtrack review

10 March

Brian Froud (conceptual designer) - The Dark Crystal - Interview
Samsara (Xbox One) - Game review
Centaur - Soundtrack review

09 March

Psychic Lemon: Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay - Music review
Bob the Artist: Dominoes - Toy review
Downsizing: Music from the Motion Picture - Soundtrack review
All the Money in the World - Soundtrack review
The Long Road Home - Soundtrack review
Doctor Who: Kingdom of Lies - Audio drama review

08 March

Marvel’s Runaways - Soundtrack review
Typhoon: Offerings - Music review

07 March

The Looming Storm - Soundtrack review

06 March

Orphan Black: The DNA Sampler - Soundtrack review

04 March

Steven Kemper: Mythical Spaces - Music review

03 March

Doctor Who: Time Trials: The Wolves of Winter - Graphic Novel review
Skybound - Soundtrack review

02 March

Manhunt: Unabomber - Soundtrack review
Battlemage - Book review

01 March

Jigsaw: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Soundtrack review
The Dark Crystal (1982) (2018 Reissue) - Blu-ray review

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