30 September

Paradise Lost: At the Mill - Music review
Away: The Survival Series (PS4) - Game review
Verona Quartet: Diffusion - Classical Music review

29 September

Nate Wooley: Mutual Aid Music - Music review
Sophie Hutchings: Echoes in the Valley - Classical Music review

28 September

Dark Sky Burial: Vincit qui Se Vincit - Music review
Fantasy Friends: Under The Sea (PS4) - Game review
Stephan Moccio: Lionheart - Classical Music review

27 September

Nad Sylvan: Spiritus Mundi - Music review

26 September

Man of God - Soundtrack review

25 September

Marion Raw: Deep Cuts - Music review
The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Collection - DVD review

23 September

MYD: Born a Loser - Music review
Twist - Soundtrack review
Kohsuke Mine: First - Music review

22 September

The Lawyer - Soundtrack review
Nick Waterhouse: Promenade Blue - Music review
The Djinn - Soundtrack review

21 September

Scott Wollschleger: Dark Days - Classical Music review

20 September

Los Esplifs: Estraik Back - Music review
Jeff Rosenstock: Ska Dream - Music review

19 September

Traidores - Soundtrack review

18 September

Low Island: If You Could Have it all Again - Music review
Gaia - Soundtrack review

17 September

Fugu Quintet: Interweavement - Music review
In Pieces: A New Musical by Joey Contreas (Highlights) - Musical review

16 September

Merek's Market (PS4) - Game review
Little Black Book: World Premiere Recording - Musical review

15 September

Various: Compost Sechshundert: Freshly Composted - Music review
Frank Foster: The Loud Minority - Music review

14 September

La Piscine (1969) - Soundtrack review
The Dune Sketchbook - Soundtrack review
The Babadook - Blu-ray review

13 September

Doctor Who: Dalek (Paperback) - Book review

12 September

Senior Moment - Soundtrack review
The Vault [Way Down] - Soundtrack review

11 September

Jan Lisiecki: Frédéric Chopin: Complete Nocturnes - Music review
Be Good or Be Gone - Soundtrack review

10 September

Ghost of Tsushima: Music From Iki Island & Legends - Soundtrack review
Prophecy (1979) - Blu-ray review

09 September

Bad Trip - Soundtrack review
Xiu Xiu: Oh No - Music review
The Hands of Orlac (1924) - Blu-ray review

08 September

Crown Trick (PS4) - Game review
Louise Quinn: Gates of Light - Music review
Afro Yaqui Music Collective: Maroon Futures - Music review

07 September

Encounter of the Spooky Kind - Blu-ray review
Ken Field: Transmitter - Music review

05 September

The Dark and The Wicked - Blu-ray review
Apollo Chamber Players: With Malice Toward None - Classical Music

04 September

Paul Bergmann: The Other Side - Music review
viA fAntAsticA: 2 and 1 - Music review
Teena Marie: Love Songs & Funky Beats - Music review

03 September

Esther Lamneck: Sky Rings - Music review

02 September

A New World Order - DVD review
Juan J.G. Escudero: Shapes of Inner Timespaces - Music review

01 September

James Caldwell: Pocket Music - Music review
For Those I Love: For Those I Love - Music review
The Jaded Hearts Club: Live at The 100 Club - Music review
Raf Rundell: O.M.Days - Music review

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